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Do you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world and just need a breath of fresh air? We all have times when we feel as though life is a drain and have trouble finding our purpose and living in true happiness. Sometimes we simply exist instead of discovering the real joy in our journey. Our relationships suffer because we’re not even happy with ourselves. So, how could we possibly be happy with others? How do we reach beyond the trauma in our past, pull through the pain in our present, and reach towards the hope of our future? I along with countless others have experienced some of the very same emotions that you are struggling with right now. Know you are not alone. I would like to offer you a safe place to be heard and walk alongside you on the road to healing and creating a beautiful life journey. I have a heart for people and desire to meet them where they are in life. I will help you realize your strengths and create healthy coping skills and positive patterns within yourself and your relationships. I work with individuals, couples and families through their most difficult situations with empathy and compassion. I am both an MFT and a minister and I have been helping people in various capacities for 30 years. My therapy room is not a place of judgement, rather a place to offer you hope and healing.


Karen Hollon, MS, LCMFT



Degrees & Training, Organizations, & Honors

Master of Science Marriage and Family Therapy

Bachelor of Science Psychology & Christian Counseling

Bachelors of Arts Biblical Studies

EMDR Trained


Prepare Enrich

Sand Tray

Grief & Loss

Caring For People God's Way

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

American Association of Christian Counselors

World Ministry Fellowship

Delta Kappa

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

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